Nucle Cloud

A RESTful API service that makes it easier to integrate and manage the backend for your Unity 3D games. We have already deployed the servers and constructed the backend, it is available for you to utilize via the Nucle cloud API or through the .Net library we created. Your time will be saved, allowing you to concentrate on other crucial aspects of your projects.

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$ 0 / mo
  • 200k API calls/ mo
  • 1 GB/ mo Network Traffic
  • 3 Titles
  • Email Support

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User Authentication

  • Anonymous users.
  • Real users.


Send your users customized emails for:

  • Account confirmation.
  • Password reset.

User Tracking

  • Approximate user localisation is automatically collected


  • Create user variables of any types (integers, floats, bools, strings, or text)
  • Perform read, write, delete


Request Leaderboards which are just lists of variables,

  • Sort them by High to low , Low to high , newest , oldest
  • Request global leaderboards
  • Request leaderboards by country
  • Apply pagination

A/B Unit Testing

  • Perform global A/B testing
  • Perform A/B testing by country

Unity 3d

Communicate with the nucle cloud server with just a few lines of code when using the Nucle Cloud Unity 3D .net library.


Measure anything in your Unity 3D games by Triggering events and view charts on the dashboard.

Cloud Storage

Store data safely on the cloud, Automatic backups are taken daily and retained for 7 days.

Easy Quick Setup

Simple to use and easy to integrate,
the API is kept simple and clean, no extra layers of complexity, straight to the point.