Nucle Cloud

A RESTful API service that makes it easier to integrate and manage the backend for your Unity 3D games. We have already deployed the servers and constructed the backend, it is available for you to utilize via the Nucle cloud API or through the .Net library we created. Your time will be saved, allowing you to concentrate on other crucial aspects of your projects.

To communicate with the nucle cloud service you will need to make http requests, please check the documentation to get started.

Nucle cloud service has 3 main micro services that work with each other to form Nucle Cloud.
Users: responsible for managing users.
Presets: responsible for managing presets, it can be described as a variable stumps.
Variables: we merge the two micro services together (Users and Presets) to get this third micro service variables, it is responsible for managing user variables.

Nucle cloud service

.Net Library

We have created a Nucle Cloud Unity3d .Net library that you can download and use in Unity3D projects.
This tool will allow you instant access to the Nucle Cloud API service, you will be writing less lines of code and save a lot of time.

dotnet add package
Or you can download the official package from Nuget

First thing to do when using the library is to import it like bellow

using Nucle.Cloud;