Get By Name

Get preset by name.
Request Header
Name Type Required Description
ProjectId string True The project id, available from the dashboard.
Request Body
Name Type Required Description
presetName string True The preset name.
Name Type Description
200 OK object Preset object.
400 Bad Request object The outer wrapper for all responses with errors.
Preset Object
Name Type Description
id string The id of the preset.
name string The name of the preset.
globalValue string The global value of the preset.
valueType enum Enum value type of the preset.
Integer =0, Preset of type integer
Float =1, Preset of type float
Bool =2, Preset of type bool
String =3, Preset of type string
Text =4, Preset of type Text
updateType enum Enum update type of the preset.
AlwaysUpdate =0, Always update preset value
UpdateIfNewIsMax =1, Update preset only if new value is greater than the old preset value
UpdateIfNewIsMin =2, Update preset only if new value is smaller than the old preset value
CreateNew =3, Create new entry for every new preset update request (used for events)
creationDate Date Time The creation date of the preset.
lastUpdate Date Time The last update of the preset.
Error Object
Name Type Description
code int Numerical HTTP code
status string Description of the HTTP code.
errorMessage string Description of the error