Nucle cloud offers 3 common type of user authentication.

Real Users:

The classic way to manage user authentication, users need to provide account details such as username email and password to create an account,
Password reset is done by sending a password reset confirmation email from "" to user email

Anonymous Users:

Anonymous user accounts are device tied because it uses device id for identification thus login is done silently in the background without the need for any user inputs ,
It is recommended to use anonymous users to first identify your application users, this will allow them to use your application without the hustle of creating a real account,
In order to be able to keep track of progress on another device, anonymous accounts need to be upgraded to a real account.

.Net Library
Create a new user and print its id.
Instalation steps can be found here.
Project Id to get from dashboard.

    using Nucle.Cloud;

    var projectId= "b943*************************c173";
    var email ="";
    var password = "P@ssw0rd";
    var username ="ross";
    var newUser = await User.Create(projectId, email, password, usename) ;
    Console.WriteLine("New user id= " +;

Login an anonymous user.

    using Nucle.Cloud;

    var projectId= "b943*************************c173";
    var deviceId= "533*************************779";
    var loginResult = await Anonymous.Login(projectId, deviceId ) ;
    Console.WriteLine("user token= " +  loginResult.userToken);
Nucle cloud users