When we merge Users and Presets services together, we get a third service we call Variables.
Variables are presets that are tied to users,
When requesting list o variables, we get the possibility of applying multiple server side operations such as ordering, sorting, filtering by country code,

defines an order type based on variable value,
There are 4 order types
From High To Low : highest on top
From Low To High: lowest on top
Newest : newest on top based on last update
Oldest : oldest on top based on last update

is applied on requested variables list based on the ordering type selected.

.Net Library
Get a user variable and print its value.
Instalation steps can be found here.
UserToken to get from a successful login request result.
Preset Id to get from dashboard.

    using Nucle.Cloud;

    var userToken= "hr56g*************************08fa";
    var presetId= "5jjf*************************h77j";
    var variableModel = await Variable.Get(userToken, presetId ) ;
    Console.WriteLine("user variable value= " +  variableModel.value);
Nucle cloud variables